Hamed Hamid Muhammed

Email: hamed@sth.kth.se
Phone: +46 - 8 - 790 4855
Mobile: +46 - 70776 4855
Snail mail: School of Technology and Health, KTH, Hälsovägen 11C, SE-14152 Huddinge, Sweden
Office: Hälsovägen 11C, plan 7
* CV (including teaching, reasearch and supervision)
* Publications at Google Scholar


On-going Courses

* HL2027: 3D Image Reconstruction and Analysis in Medicine / Medicinsk bildanalys och rekonstruktion i 3D, 9Hp
* Medical Imaging / Medicinska bilder, 7.5Hp

Discontinued Courses

* HL2012: 3D Image Reconstruction in Medicine / Medicinsk bildrekonstruktion i 3D, 6Hp
* Medical imaging systems / Medicinska bildsystem, 5Hp
* Image processing and analysis / Medicinsk bildbehandling och analys, 5Hp
* Medical Image Analysis / Medicinsk bildanalys, 7.5Hp
* Medical Imaging Systems / Medicinska bildsystem, 6Hp
* Digital Image Analysis / Digital bildanalys


* Assistant supervisor of 3 PhD students.

Current PhD students
Muhammad Asim Faridi , Research Project: Detection of osteoporosis by using ultrasonic spectrometry.
Abdolamir Karbalaie , Research Project: Photospectrometry for estimating analytes.
Sicong Yu , Research Project: Medical Imaging.

* Supervised 40 Master and Bachelor thesis works.

Useful Downloads and Links

* miniXpose: High Quality Sharp X-Ray Images with Minimum radiation dose

* CamSpect: Camera Spectrometer for Video-Rate Compressed Hyperspectral Imaging

* Medical Image Reconstruction using Filtered Back Projection (a ZIP-file with MATLAB GUI + 4 Sinograms) - Click here to see a SNAPSHOT of this software.

* The EASYMAT++ Toolbox: a C++ Template Class Library for Scientific Computing (User Manual (pdf) + C++ Code (zip))